Our Story

Leadership is not an assertion of yourself but the art of fulfilling everyone’s aspirations-Sadhguru

quill, pen, write

It is difficult pursuing your dreams strolling down an obscure street, continuously battling to scale the mountains and cross the canals that show up all of a sudden, but will to achieve your dream pushes you to attain new limits of determination.

Distance has lead proximity differently when every human species is coping up with the mammoth of this pandemic, technology seems to be a silver lining to those dark clouds, where one can stay in touch and reach out to masses with only a click. Through the digital world, with this pandemic one must have experienced the importance of internet in every aspect of our daily lives, whether it is using an application for making payments, having seminars- classes or official meetings on videotelephony and online chat services or bringing your business online technology has become an indispensable aspect for a conducive lifestyle. 

We believe the digital world is way forward, but not every content strikes our mind. With that thought, we as a group of young professionals came together to utilize this pandemic situation as an opportunity to contribute our bit to the society.

In the present scenario, creative content with a storyline, graphics, video clips and many other forms of expressing issues of our society is the only way one can act on!

With a thought of generating content along with a flavour of ground reality and authentic well-researched factors for masses is what we aim for…

Numerous likeminded people came along to be a part this journey, to creatively support folks upgrading their ventures.