Breaking The Image of Sexuality

Breaking The Image of Sexuality

Breaking The Image of Sexuality...

Sujata Goenka

While the majority of the youth is grappling with securing job and a good college the marginalized face even more hardships. When generally the jobs are less the disabled have to compete with schedule caste and other minorities for jobs. The personality ability plays a large part in securing jobs. The disabled persons self- esteem is low in most cases.

The youth are also at the peak of their development. Sexuality plays a large role in this period. The sexuality of a person defines his personality.Sexuality is a form of communication, of expressing one’s own personality to another person. The way one present himself will largely depend on how one perceives themselves. How can one feel attractive, if his own self-esteem is low.

The pervasive belief that disabled people are asexual creates barriers to sexual for disabled young people, thereby causing them to have lower levels of sexual knowledge and inadequate sex education compared to their non-disabled peers.Having a physical or intellectual disability doesn’t change your sexuality and your desire to express it.

Breaking the Images of sexuality

Society has many myths, and the ones around disability and sexuality are frustrating, offensive and incorrect. Some of these myths include that a person with a disability doesn’t need sex or can’t have ‘real sex’. Some other misguided notions include that a person with a disability has more important needs than sex, or should not have children. 

On top of this, many able-bodied people tend to regard sex for people with a disability as a taboo subject and rarely discuss it openly. Society tends to have an idealised image of ‘sexually attractive’ and anyone – whether with a disability or not – who doesn’t meet the standard can feel diminished or dismissed. 

Information about disability and sex tends to focus only on function or fertility, and not on perfectly natural feelings and emotions, like attraction, desire and love. To be seen as a non-sexual being can be devastating.

The disabled no matter what the disability have all the desires a normal person has. Sex is an instinct. Sexuality is displayed even in animals. Peacocks display their feathers, lions preen their mane and show their strength. To be deprived of a natural hunger like sex is wrong. One must encourage them to explore within the rules of society. As many have lived within the confines of institutes and family, it is imperative to teach them sexuality and how to handle themselves in society.

If myths and misinformation are affecting one’s life, one may avoid looking for a partner. The Indian disabled youth are left to fend for themselves. The struggle to get ROTI KAPRA MAKKAN is so intense that they have little scope of developing their personality. The vast number of disabled youth are receiving training by NGOs doing their bit to at least provide the basic education and vocational training. Sexuality is addressed by very few as their resources are limited.


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