The Disabled Youth

The Disabled Youth

The Disabled Youth

By Shweta Gupta

The world lacks compassion for disabled youth.  They are likely to face austere civil, social, and economic disparity. Young people with disabilities face a harder time related to gender, sexuality, and ethnicity. The majority of the disabled youth are unnoticed by our government and very little special care is provided to them. There are almost 200 million-plus young people with disability and most of them belong to developing countries these people are facing incapacity, They go through social isolation and discrimination in India they are very exposed to being physically and psychologically abused.

The COVID – 19 pandemic has brought our lives to a halt, where people are facing challenges in obtaining the basic necessities..

We never ponder over the fact that no media channel or high profile journalists are capturing the adversity in which a disabled young person is living in our country. If this is brought out in the open there is a certainty that a lot of private associations will provide monetary benefits or supplements in kind. For this to happen the reality of their miseries needs to be out in the open but at present, it is completely overlooked. A large part of this population are children who are already carrying diseases like HIV/AIDS and no proper treatment is provided to them this results in a huge number of children dying in many underdeveloped and developing countries.

In these unprecedented times where a mere human touch has become contagious, those who require help doing the basic chores in a day are being neglected. They require special attention and immediate care, since the immunity of a person is of utmost importance during these times they need to be watched over and fed properly in order to cope, if this is not provided to them their bodies will become even more vulnerable to any disease let alone a disease with no definitive cure yet.

Disable young people should have been the prime focus of attention and care not just during these times but as a matter of course.They require much more attention than their peers.

In order to curb this increase in the mistreatment of the countless young disabled children the government needs to indulge in making some changes and implement rules and regulations where better care is provided. This has to include the betterment of the patients living situations, psychological care, medical help, and basic sanitary facilities. They have a right to education, health benefits scheme, and scholarships for college.

A special hospital facility for the disabled youth is the need of the hour as currently patients with non-COVID symptoms are not being given beds in a medical facility, an arrangement needs to be built for any emergency situation. An ambulance facility where the patient with any medical emergency can be sent to a nearby hospital is much needed.

Many private organizations and businesses provide funds in order to curb the challenges faced by the young disabled patients but in the current situation where businesses are crashing and jobs are low people are barely able to make both ends meet. The Government needs to step in and take charge to help them in their time of despair.

For all those reading this article if you can help one soul and bring a smile on their face do not hesitate and go ahead. We all can make small contributions and make someone’s life easy.


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