Young People with Disability

Young People with Disability

Young People with Disability

anupam dey

Anupam Dey-Bilaspur Chhattisgarh

Youth and disability are an important and serious subject today. Irrespective of the kind, we should take care of him with his gifts as well as his love and give him an opportunity in every field, so that he feels like a normal person. It is possible that his morale should be increased so that he never feels that he is dependent on anyone. I do not think that the young person with disability is less than anyone.

Everyone has some deficiency or quality, just by focusing on that quality, we have to encourage disabled youth. We should keep putting this thing in the mind of every young disabled person who will not give up on life. We have to depend on someone Do not live, what is useful is to make a living and to live a successful life while facing the challenges of society.

Some tips for working with young people with a disability

If you remember and practice the following five things, you have the skills needed to work with young people with a disability.


Young people with disabilities have the same needs as other young people.


If you feel a young person with a disability needs assistance, ask them.


If a young person with a disability wants assistance, ask them what they want you to do.


When another person is accompanying a young person with a disability, speak to the young person with the disability and not to the person who is accompanying them.


There is no such thing as the typical young person who is blind, deaf or has MS, Cerebral Palsy, Quadriplegia, Downs Syndrome, an intellectual disability, etc. Likewise, people from different cultural backgrounds are not the same. They are all individuals. Though two young people may have the same disability, they may not do their day to day living tasks in the same way or use the same equipment or aides to get around.


Now that you have a more accessible service, market it! Let people know about the access you provide on all your promotional material, go out and visit organisations and groups who already work with young people with a disability.

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