“You have to grow from inside out. There is no other teacher but your soul”- Swami Vivekanand


Considerate about how the product will be aligned with present demand.


Fabricating products strategem!


Executing,monitoring and gauging impacts of market along with efforts of holding on to the customers.


Content Devlopment


Digital Marketing

Communication Consultancy

Research Based Consultancy

Data Driven consultancy



“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”  @TPLDrew


First is to identify possible sources of information in many types and formats. Then we select the most appropriate investigative methods (surveys, interviews, experiments) and research tools. We then synthesize, analyze and integrate all the information.


It is all about creating some amazing content consistently and sustaining it over time. After proper research, the next step is to segregate the content to extract the best information. We carefully select the information keeping your requirement in mind.


Organizing content keeping the latest trend in mind to engage the audience. Creating great content starts with a well-established process. We walk through a systematic process that has a true impact on our work. Our aim is to develop unique and valuable content in different forms and styles and to attract wider audiences.


Developing and producing content that truly engages is one of the key challenges. We have a team to have a head-on collision with challenges. The final step is to deliver the best work in the required time pace. It is now time to lift the curtain and showcase the content that is being prepared with our systematic, step by step content development process.

calendar, eyeglasses, plan

"Social Media is changing the world,and we are all here witnessing it."-Ian Somerhalder


The first step in developing content is finding out key topic with well reserached background and trends.


Planning includes the 3 W’s! WHAT,WHEN AND WHERE. Plan needs to have a firm, established WHY for each of these questions.


Production in the form of:

  1. Visual Design 
  2. Writing 
  3. Analytics


 Without proper coordination, it’s easy to let an infographic, article, video, or podcast slip through the cracks.


Smart promotion boils down to utilizing the right mix of channels to stimulate reach, depth, and relationship across all your communications channels.


Marketing is all about continuous improvement, and unexpectional content. The last step is to see what worked and what didn’t. 

Research Based Consultancy

“Research: the distance between an idea and its realization”- David Sarnoff


We have a team of experts well experienced in Collecting-Analysing-Drafting well-researched piece of work.

Data Driven Research

Providing authentic data for enhancing and supplementing your decisions with evident primary and secondary sources.


If you don't see the book you want on the shelf, write it."-Beverly Cleary

An individual well informed is all that is needed as a stepping stage in the evolution of community and nation at large and making this aspiration a reality is a task in our hands. We are working towards the creation of well-informed society, by putting all our efforts in bringing ground reality which is equally part f our lives into limelight blended with our creative abilities and turning them into relatable stories and truths of our lives. 

The first one titled “Disability and Covid-19” was launched in the month of July

The second one titled “Youth and Disability” was launched in the month of August..

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